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Wow, it's been a while huh?!? I can't believe that I missed the February Cake Slice Bakers cake (toffee and chocolate… I'm still planning on making it). Not to mention weeks of IHCC with Giada… she's my favorite! Where has the time gone. Well, this weekend I played a little catch up! It took me about 12 hours and I am completely exhausted but it was so worth it!! I stocked both freezers with dinner… for a whole month!! How awesome is that!!! Oh yeah, I made breakfast and lunch stuff too!

I came across a web site called Once a Month Mom a while back, and did a little crazy thing called volunteering to be a test kitchen. If you're wondering… it was awesome!! They make it so easy, from the grocery list to packaging the food… it's all there! Even labels (so you're not wondering what's in that bag 'giggle'). I enjoyed it so much that I'm already planning my menu for next month!

Now what… I'll be sharing some of the recipes I made and making…